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State archaeology makes several different efforts to maintain and research Schleswig-Holstein’s cultural heritage and make it available to the general public. For this purpose, the Archaeological Museum has and maintains its own local files and legacy archive in which all information regarding archaeological findings and places of recovery has been recorded and stored in the long-term for more than 150 years. 

The local files archive incorporates several ten thousand entries which are sorted chronologically, starting in or around 1830. They are constantly updated and sorted by (old) districts and communities. In addition to findings notifications and excavation reports, the archive also contains letters and excerpts from the Kiel collections (KM archive) as well as internal museum documents. 

The most varied of documents pertaining to the history of the museum and its exhibitions are collected systematically. The legacy archive not only stores the scientific legacies from archaeologists who have worked in Schleswig-Holstein, but also incorporates the wide-ranging stocks from the former “Ludwig Roselius Museums for Early History“ in Worpswede, Lower Saxony and the border archive with the “Central Catalogue of Prehistorical and Early History Findings from Eastern Prussia”, a unique compendium of the archaeological legacies of the former German Province of East Prussia.

Together with the files of the Archaeological State Office Schleswig-Holstein (State records), these information stocks provide a significant source for scholars and laymen researching history. They can be viewed after prior notification, agreement of an appointment or if the concrete concern is described briefly.

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Volker Hilberg

Dr. Mara-Julia Weber 


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