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Iron Age

Starting in the 6th century BC, the use of iron as a material begins in the north. During the 1st century BC, Roman troops and German tribes conquer Celtic territory and join up on the Rhine and Danube. As a result, the exchange of information and material arises. Names and acts by the population in the north become known in the Roman Empire and are recorded. The Teutons step into the light of Roman historiography.

Numerous tombs, several bog bodies as well as sumptuous treasure and sacrificial finds from the period up until the 4th century AD offer a unique source basis for Schleswig-Holstein’s prehistory and early history in connection with accompanying written Roman documentation. 

People during the Ice Age - bog bodies

The bog bodies belong to the most impressive Archaeological Museum Schloss Gottorf exhibits. The up to 2500 year-old mummified corpses are exceptionally well-kept thanks to the conservational effect of bogs. The also provide an insight into the deceased persons’ living conditions, information about their appearance and their individual destinies. 

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