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About the museum

The Archaeological Museum Schloss Gottorf is part of the largest museum complex between Hamburg and Copenhagen. It has shaped the research of north European prehistory and early history in many ways – and attained international recognition for this.

During the meanwhile more than 180 years it exists, more than 10 million findings from 80,000 years’ human history have been gathered. The majority of these originate from excavations in Schleswig-Holstein. They are carried-out by the Archaeological Museum Schloss Gottorf, the Archaeological State Office, the Institute for Prehistory and Early History at Kiel University and further research institutes.

Many of these findings are stored in the depot. Outstanding items which the museum is particularly proud of are presented in special shows and the permanent exhibition. The special highlights include the Nydam Boat, an impressive rowing vessel in good condition from the times of the Teutons as well as the bog bodies – of which the Child of Windeby is the most prominent. Also, the Viking Museum Haithabu must not go unmentioned here. It is located on the historic grounds, close to the castle island and is affiliated with the Archaeological Museum. 

The roots of the Archaeological Museum date back to 1835/36 when the “Museum of Patrimonial Antiquities” was founded. During the course of history, it has changed its name and location many times over. Since 1873, it was expanded systematically – in close connection with Kiel University. In 1950, it moved together with the State Museum of Art and Cultural History (now: Museum of Art and Cultural History Schloss Gottorf) to the Schleswig museum island. Both buildings have been under the auspices of the Schleswig-Holstein State Museums Foundation Schloss Gottorf since 1999.

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