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The museum island Schloss Gottorf is open. We have compiled all the important information for your visit HERE. As we are currently only allowed to allow admission to a limited number of guests at the same time, please contact our service before your visit to reserve a ticket: +49 (0) 4621 813 222,

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The Archaeological Museum Schloss Gottorf collects, maintains, researches and presents our State’s archaeological heritage. It has existed for more than 180 years and owns more than 10 million findings from 80,000 years’ human history. Therefore, it belongs to Germany’s oldest and most comprehensive archaeological collections.

The Museum maintains our State’s archaeological heritage

Due to its history, the museum owns findings from the regions of the duchies of Schleswig-Holstein and Lauenburg, the later Prussian province as well as today’s Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein. The collection is constantly expanded – via new State-own archaeological findings as well as taking over private collections and legacies with a high archaeological value. 

Most of Kiel University’s ethnological collection belongs to the Archaeological Museum Schloss Gottorf’s collection. The exhibits from the Reinhardt and Johanna Guldager are noteworthy.


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